At 7am the train took my sleeping body from Dublin to Tralee. Just one change at Mallow and there I was: Tralee. The city with 20.753 inhabitants and about 80 pubs. A city that is famous for its “Rose of Tralee” festival and it’s Kerry County museum. In a land full of leprechauns, trefoils, greenishness and sheeps. In a land without postcodes but with warm, friendly and welcoming Irish people and with – by the way – around 220 erasmus students.

Anyways, there I was walking through the streets looking for an appartment. I talked to someone on facebook called “TraleeTown CentreApartments” 2 days ago. The person said they will have a room for me no problem. Luckily I’ve found it, after only 1 hour searching the office (which is by the way like 5 minutes away from the train station). The city is like a maze at first. Many sideways to get lost. Ok maybe it’s just because of my poor sense of direction.

(Patrick?) and Carina gave me a room immediately after my arrivel just as they’ve promised they would.
There it is: Google Street View with look onto my apparment ^_^

First thing I did was resting since one night in Dublin without any sleep at all punched me into exhaustion rather quickly.

tralee city centre apparment

Here is one picture of my bathroom. Apparently it’s even smaller than the one I’v got in Berlin. Well it’s a student apparment after all and it takes care of all my needs. :)

bathroom city centre tralee

In case you wonder how the kitchen looks. The apparment is made for 5 people. And basically everyone has his own room and bathroom. However the kitchen/living room is shared between all of us.

apparment kitchen tralee

Before I went to sleep I cooked some noodles with my special meat sauce and most importantly it was tasty! ^_^

food <3

Well actually I’ve checked the city out a bit, too. However I didn’t shoot any pictures that day.

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