Good bye Berlin. Good bye Markus, Til, Duyi, Tom, Pedram, Miriam, Kai, Albért, Cassandra and everyone who were nice to me. I definetely will miss you.
Next stop Dublin.

good bye berlin hello dublin

Just in case you wonder where all the snow is – which lies obviously not on the ground in Berlin – I’ve found it. It’s right here. I told it to goto Berlin and leave Dublin and Tralee alone. Hopefuelly it listens to me :3

icebergs in the sky

The fantastic thing about it is, it is not moving at all. At least it doesn’t appear so within the plane. It seemed so solid and as if you can actually walk on it and it would hold your weight effortlessly.

above the ice

“Keep chasing the sun and you’ll eventually end up in the darkness” – they say … i’d say: “not if you run fast enough” or fly for that matter. It even looked better in real than on the picture. Guess my camera doesn’t like looking into lights.

sunset in the sky

I arrived at 7pm in Dublin and my train leaves on the next day at 7am. So there were 12 hours to kill. Where else to go but inside shiny loud irish pubs like this one?

shiny pub in dublin

When in Rome do as the Romans do. Dublin’s famous street art – you’ve got to experience it to understand it. then again i still don’t – nvm…

dublin christmas dummy tree

I like this door in particular. How is anyone supposed to actually pull the door in order to open it without any doorknob? Maybe everyone has to bring his own doorknob everytime you want to open it? o.O

missing doorknob

On the way to the Heusten train station I was taking a rest on a bank in front of statue. After a while a group of young girls were passing by. They were circling around the statue for a couple of minutes looking for something in particular. Until suddenly a girl yelled happily: “found one! (:”. Then they all gathered and took a picture of a rather small hole. One girl saw me looking puzzled and she told me that the holes on the statue are kind of legendary bullet marks. Apparently they are scars from Irish conflicts between 1916-1922. (whole story can be found here: Daniel O’Connell Monument)

Dublin City centre in front of Daniel O'Connel's Statue

That said I searched for them as well. And of course the legendary luck the of Irish hit an angels boob. (:

boob shot at Daniel O'Connell statue

Supposdely I’ve found the oldest pub in ireland. Too bad it was closed when I passed it though.

the oldest pub in ireland

Dublin is fun although really expensive compared to Berlin it’s doubled prices everywhere. A cheese burger costs 2€ instead of 1€

I’ve moved lots of times in my life. But this time it is different. This time I’ve got no idea what’s gonna happen next. Kind of scary and exciting at the same time. Hope everything will work out…

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