Easy Movie Texture For Android Version: 2.18

Whoever uses the Easy Movie Texture For Android (Video Texture) version 2.18 and also uses split apks (obbs) in unity might run into problems with the streaming asset sub-folders. It’s a great plugin to handle rendered textures on mobile devices.

However the plugin fails to create sub-directories while copying videos out of the obbs into their respective sub-folders. Which can fixed by adding

in the MediaPlayerCtrl.CopyStreamingAssetVideoAndLoad.

So it looks like this:

Also in order to have a e.g. complete callback, simply add a

in the same class and call them at the respective m_CurrentState checks:

I’ve already e-mailed the fix to Lee JaeYun and it will be fixed in a later version presumably, until then use the fix and enjoy.


Soooo Albért and Marco were visiting me the past week. They needed a couch to crash in Berlin to watch the football world championship. Congrats to Germany by the way for winning the champion ship! Anyways, Marco works as a DJ and he was playing around with his laptop to generate some random sounds. That got me inspired to create a little app over night. It basically loops through a matrix of matrices of tones and plays them that’s why the name Soundlooper. Pure creativity I know, right? xD

Unity: Rescaling Fonts

Hey guys, I’m doing some unity stuff. So far it’s great, however I still have some difficulties about scaling towards respective resolutions for mobile devices.

In general: I appreciate every suggestion!

So far I came across:

for scaling simple 2D textures. And a little script for rescaling fonts:

Where you add this script to a label or something and change its effective font size. So it will at least look a like amongst multiple devices. It scales all right but it doesn’t feel too reliable yet. Any suggestions?

How do you guys handle your ui sizes with unity?

Moving towards the first playable

First moving units around their bases

First moving planes around islands. Stay tuned. :)