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Easy Movie Texture For Android Version: 2.18

Whoever uses the Easy Movie Texture For Android (Video Texture) version 2.18 and also uses split apks (obbs) in unity might run into problems with the streaming asset sub-folders. It’s a great plugin to handle rendered textures on mobile devices.

However the plugin fails to create sub-directories while copying videos out of the obbs into their respective sub-folders. Which can fixed by adding

in the MediaPlayerCtrl.CopyStreamingAssetVideoAndLoad.

So it looks like this:

Also in order to have a e.g. complete callback, simply add a

in the same class and call them at the respective m_CurrentState checks:

I’ve already e-mailed the fix to Lee JaeYun and it will be fixed in a later version presumably, until then use the fix and enjoy.

Sincere thoughts

It’s one of those yawning evenings, when the head starts to force its way back, questioning previous life decisions. Wondering about ‘what if’s. “I’ll be following you still, oh my dear head”, whispered the heart, “even though we both know certain events had other opportunities, too”.

Full of blind self-confidence the head keeps throwing well thought through words, sentences and phrases towards its fellow warm friend below. Trying to convince the heart that every decision made by the head, turned out as it should have been. With a mere look, full of genuine warmth and truth, the words turned into meaningless and empty letters so the head started to see what the heart seemed to be worried about.

With opened mind: ‘There must be another way!’ the head thought…

Android Re-Signing Apks

In case you want to re-sign your apk with a different keystore one day you might be delighted to hear that there is a convenient shell script for this already.

It basically removes the java manifest meta file, then runs zip align and the apk signing tool of the android sdk. It naturally requires the apk, the keystore with its alias and password.

Here is the script:

In order to run it, add execution permission in the terminal:

Then simply run the script by adding the parameters.

Have fun.

Day 12

Hey Rubén,

I Woke up at 5 after going to bed at 23ish again. Yea seems kinda stabilized for the time being. Apart from being everything dark and my eyes taking some time to get accustom to light everything is fine.

Glad I could help your friend with her moving yesterday. And thanks for showing me your progress and how you used regression models. I’ll be using this in the future for sure. :) About the game jam. How about we create an actual playable out of your game with a win and lose screen, some audio and exchange the model with a real player model. Also about the leveling system sounds quite interesting to design. How do you plan on balancing it?

I also would love to create a particel laser beam. But I have no application for it yet haha.

Another nice misconception video. This time about falling objects.

As always have an amazing day!

Day 11

Hey Rubén,

Yesterday I’ve been tutoring a friend in programming. And in on of the past exams the prof basically requested the algorythm for a Sierpinkski Triangle. Considering the other tasks were rather basic programming this tasks kind of jumps out of bounds by a huge marging. What was the prof thinking?

How much do you know about fractals?

Oh well whatever it’s a fascinating topic therefore I implemented the triangle and the carpet while I was at it.

The other topics were rather easy and she’ll be fine I think. We’ll meet up one more time comming week just to make sure though.

How did the week go for you?

Ah right, I almost forgot, yesterday Stefan Lindauer released a new version of the CriticalMass App on the google play store where I contributed the twitter feature.

And here is another interesting video on my favorite topic: Waves vs Particles!

As always have an amazing day!

Day 10

Hey Rubén,

Sleeping time again between 23-ish and 5:15. So all is good.

Yesterday I’ve prepared a little for the upcomming tutoring today and after that I visited Mendel and his girlfriend Sebo. We also went to karaoke in the evening which was so much fun. ^_^

By the way do you like karaoke?

and another interesting video from veritasium. Which a lot of people seem to get wrong actually (including me).

As always enjoy your day!

Day 9

Tiredness Level: 4/10

Dear Rubén,

Todays sleep time was between 23:30-ish and 5:15.

Inspired by your generated tunnel I played a bit with procedural mesh generation myself. So I learned about Perlin Noise and set up a test project consisting out of cubes that would change their height over time.

Then I tried voronoi graph which is based on this javascript implementation.

Also for dungeon generation I stumpled upon this nice dungeon generator:

There is also this interesting gamasutra article about it cave generations and this very nice approach for procedurally generation of animations:

Apparently you can do a lot procedurally.

What were your experiences with this yet?

And as always have an amazing day!

Day 8

Tiredness Level: 1/10

Dear Rubén,

I’ve sleept from 23-ish to 5 am.

The yoga session was quite nice. I’ve been there only once yet and it’s more exhaustive than I thought but it’s apparently free for woogas every thuesday with lunch afterwards. I plan on joining them frequently. I truely believe doing these kind of exercises makes me feel more focused and refreshed. Not so sure about the spirital part of it though which I can not relate to. Also doing some secret stretchings at home helped haha. have you tried it yoga yet?

Haha the beer currancy. :D Good luck, at least one person will be happy at the end of the day.

It’s true I also feel like learning slower paced. However the quality of what we learn is far superior now imho. Yea playing games really eats up time. But I wouldn’t call it wasted since you’ve enjoyed yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure to timebox it. :P

About your demo project how about releasing demo versions no :) So you can show off even if it is not done yet. Also gives you some sort of way to share your project and get some feedback. I started to do that at my proof of concept page.

Regarding the best science universitys in Berlin, the Humbold and the TU are supposedly good, however I have no clue about their books coverage.

By the way how about a subway run challange? :D I wonder if there are spots like that in Berlin.

Have an amazing day.

Day 7

Tiredness Level: 1/10

Dear Rubén,

Not much to report today except I slept from 1 to 8. Yesterday I joined the yoga session at lunch time and we had sushi afterwards. Ah yea and as3 + rsa is a bitch.

Well on my ‘main’ blog I’ve been working on an article about marketing and finance methods for indies like kickstarter, which is a broad topic and seems like a full time job. So I will release it when I feel more comfortable with it. Other than that I plan on writing something about procedural algorythms which you got me inspired at.

Also you don’t have to restrict yourself towards c++ either. Write about something interesting for yourself. Your blog is for yourself in the first place. ;)

How much do you know about mass? In the following video the question about where mass comes from and why it matters to know where mass comes from will be tackled.

Also relevant: Your Mass is NOT From the Higgs Boson

Have an amazing day!

Rubén’s Answer:


So you overslept?


How was your Yoga session? Does it work for you? How many did you attend to? I was looking forward to watch some youtube tutorials and even asked a friend about it. I’ll probably be taught soon! The only price to pay is a beer, so why not.

I had a quick look at your video. It seems you’re into physics. Did I ever tell you that my second career choice was a combination of the bachelors of Computer Engineering and Math? I some kind of regret not doing it. Did you ever read “A brief history of time” from Stephen Hawking? I enjoyed reading it when I was a kid.

I feel that since I finished the university, I stopped learning in such a fast pace. It’s something that’s worrying me, so I’m going to change this with just one tool: your 66days blog. I also feel that I lose more time than I should playing games, maybe I should uninstall a few of them (LoL for instance). The good news: I can really say that each day I’m more and more motivated towards learning about game programming. Especially the math/physics behind it and Unity itself as well. I’m pretty excited to be working in my personal project; even though if I never release anything, it’s always a worth investment.

Let me beg for your help in one point! Can you tell me what are the best universities in Berlin when it comes to Math/Physics/Computer engineering? I’m looking for information about Masters degrees and for some libraries with English textbooks covering those topics.

Thanks in advance and have a good day.

Day 6

Tiredness Level: 3/10

Dear Rubén,

I slept from 23 to 5:00. How about you? How is your visitor? Does he enjoy Berlin? :D

Also I stumpled upon a quite motivating video series called actualized. It’s a series about personal self-development and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to listen to it.

“The takeaway from this video is very simple: Right now, all the stories, all the excuses, all the blaming, all the whining, all the complaining stops. It stops right fucking now; you decide to take full responsibility for your life, 100%, no more blaming of anybody or any other circumstances, but taking full creative authority over your own life, because in the end the quality of your life is only determened, by you, your thoughts and your actions.” – Leo

Have an awesome day!

Rubén’s answer:

Hi Jan,

It seems that your schedule is stabilizing. From 23h to 5h sounds really reasonable, you’re getting used to it!

He did enjoy Berlin a lot. Well, not many people wouldn’t enjoy it with the right people. The only thing he missed was going to Koma.

I really like this sort of videos. I’ll be hearing it now in the background and in the afternoon I’ll watch it carefully. Thanks for the link! It’s true that many people are complaining about the world; it’s just sometimes an excuse not to react and change the way you live. So, as you said, it’s very important to adopt an active position in this matter. No one else but you is going to change the way you live. And blaming others will not really fix anything, it’s just a slow and painful death to keep living that way.

Really great song you posted. It’s just a shame that it’s not in Spotify so I can listen to it within the app.

What about your main blog? Are you planning on writing something soon? I’m looking for topics for mine. It’s been a few weeks I don’t write!

I think we should meet soon to talk about the overall progress and results. What about Friday/Saturday, have you got time?


Things I could do due earlier waking up:

  • exercise
  • read
  • breakfast
  • watch interesting videos
  • write blog entry