When I woke I realized the nice view out my apparment window. Now I can observe people walking outside while having breakfast. xD

viewport tralee apparment window

Today I basically checked out the city. My new soon not anymore room-mate Katharina (from Freiburg) showed me where to buy food cheaply. Apparently there are super value (don’t go there except you are desperate), tesco and dunnes store. So the supply is assured. My other new room mate Marijke who is also from Germany and her boy friend John who is irish went through the city to find a certain pub called shawn oaks or something. On the way we came across this one very irish looking pub.

pub that i haven't visited yet

When we finally found it we decided to leave immediately because it was rather quiet there so we went back to another pub. On the way we found the an adult store. Basically Tralee has everything a man needs haha :D

adult store tralee

At the end we stayed at Roundy’s. A pub right around the corner of our apparment. It’s quite comfortable there even with real ingle. An old seeman told us a couple of old stories. He was a good storyteller and kind of reminded me of my grandfather.

roundy's pub in tralee

By the way that’s Marijke.

Roundy's and Marijke

And that’s John who is by the way a big help in finding neat places for, well, for everything. Nice to meet you, John and Marijke. Hope to see the other 77 pubs with you too xD

roundy's and john

I like the men toilet painting on the wall.

what would macgyver do

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