Android: Saving Screenshots in OpenGLES

1) Get your helper methods:

2) get a queue ready

3) add new filepath the the queue via e.g. events:

4) IMPORTANT! save the screen at the end of the opengl render process. (Note: If try to capture somewhere in the middle you might end up with a black screen or any other funny effects.)

InfoINI Android App

Today I’ve uploaded a new version of the InfoINI app (v1.8).

infoini appinfoini app

This little app is a tribute to the student representatives who work rather hard to help students. They organize events like first semester indroduction, christmas party. They always try to keep an open room for students to get help, information or just want to hang out in the student representatives room at the Beuth University Berlin.

The initial problem was that you never knew if someone is present. So you might have ended up with walking over the entire campus just to find out that the door is closed. With this app however you can just look it up. This works because a door sensor has been installed and has been connected to the webserver.

As you can see the room has grown to be more than just a student represtatives office, even though the AStA says different. It’s cousy because it has couches and coffee. People use it as a learning room and a place to hang out in free hours.

After a while Mirko and Patrick had an idea: What if we could also display how many coffee cups are left? So the both of them and later Hermann build a sensor to weigh the coffee Thermos flask and connected it also to the webserver.

So I added this feature the app, too.