Day four: shopping & pubbing

Most of the day we were shopping and checking out where to get all kinds of stuff in case we need something. In the evening Marijke didn’t feel well so I went around the blocks by myself.

Anyway in order to really know a place you have to do the same things as the inhabitants do. Walk the same streets, eat the same food, speak the same words and so on.
Well I usually start with eating. Beginning with a typical Irish breakfest. It was suprisingly tasty and satisfying.

irish breakfast

Marijke and John appear to have liked it as well. That means it was actually yammi ^_^

marijke and john at breakfast

And here a random church picture. random fact: Radio Kerry which happens to has its location in the same streat as my appartment, publish death notices every day. In case you wondered who died today…

church of ireland

Generelly it’s a good idea tp plant a tree in the middle of a round figured bank, however in this case it really didn’t work out since the birds use it as toilet only. Then again maybe this is some kind of weird street art? xD Besides the Irish don’t like banks. You won’t see many places to sit down and rest. Probably because it rains so much that you can’t stay outside anyway.

birds toilet

Saturday night time is pubbing time! At first I started at Carlsberg pub. It was nice but not quiet what I was looking for.


Then I came across An Teach Beag. It had irish (rock?) live music. It was so crowed that I had trouble to get a drink. But in generell I can recommend this place.

an teach beag

After that I visite Paddy Mac’s pub. It had live music, too.

paddy mac's pub

Next stop was Baily’s Corner. But apparently that pub is for the old folk since most of the people there were +40. And they had rather old disco-like music.

baily's corner

After that I went into Turners Lounge. They had live music as well. One drink later I left.

turners lounge

At last I passed by at Sean Og’s. However I didn’t enter because I was too lazy to line up.

sean og's

Result is that there are many usuable pubs around. Sounds like fun…

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  1. I’m very jealous. In Berlin I have not found one single (good) pub and there seem to be 10 pubs per m².
    Have fun there!

  2. *I mean km². Don’t want to exaggerate.

    • kibotu

      January 17, 2012 at 11:16 am

      yea you’re right, well maybe it’s because tralee is rather small compared to berlin and here is basically a street full of pubs for everyone. however there are about 80 pubs here and i’ve no idea where the other 70 are xD eventually i’ll find them >:D

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