Hmm Saturday. What to do on such a day? Marijke and John disappeared before breakfast. After a quick check on the grass…

green irish grass is green

…and the sky I figured it won’t be raining the next couple of hours. So I decided to climb the hill on the horizon. (Well I kind of hoped xD )

another cloudy sky picture

Every journey begins with the first step. Ok it’s not really far away but still it is something I want to have done before I leave. Why not today? How hard can it be?

random road

Most of the way to that hill I walked along the road and sometimes looked back. It’s always so green there. :D

random place

Well and I took a lot of random pics of course. I like this one in particular.


Just in case you wonder how I look like.


Now you do. Anyways almost there. Guess what lies behind a big hill? Correct, an even bigger hill!

another random place

There it is: the anticipated skyline. :D

fancy looking clouds

Happy face is happy. Well I would have thought it would take longer to get here. Turns out it only took me 2.5 hours from my appartment room to the top of the hill.

me on top of biggest hill near tralee

Another skyline picture. If you can see the white dot at the mouth of the water. It is a windmill and I went there next. But this time completely off-road.

landscape upon the hill

I’ve found a leprechauns hole o.o remember: next time take some children with small hands here to get the pott of gold within the leprechauns hole.

leprechauns secret hole

Now i know what iphone really means: immobile phone. Perhaps it’s the phone cell of doctor who in a new disguise?

irish german phone cell

Well there it is. Final destination for today. After taking a picture of Blennerville’s Windmill I went home to take a shower. You wouldn’t believe how dirty my shoes and trousers are xD

blennerville windmill

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