While trying to increase the speed of skeleton animations in my android opengl render engine I’ve stumbled uppon some issues with android < v3.0 FloatBuffer.put(). It states the following methods to update the buffers and it speeds:

The same benchmark produced the following timings on a Nexus One with Android 2.2:

  • FloatBuffer.put( float value ): 6.876 secs
  • FloatBuffer.put(int index, float value): 7.006 secs
  • FloatBuffer.put( float[] values ): 6.800 sec
  • IntBuffer.put( int[] values): 1.479 secs
  • BufferUtils.copy(): 0.067 secs

In order to use the BufferUtils.copy() methode provided in libgdx library you need the gdx.jar, gdx-backend-android.jar, which you should add as library to your android project, and the compiled libs in the right place.

Also call


actually before you do anything with libgdx classes, since they are using pre-compiled code.

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