Tiredness Level: 1/10

Dear Rubén,

I’ve sleept from 23-ish to 5 am.

The yoga session was quite nice. I’ve been there only once yet and it’s more exhaustive than I thought but it’s apparently free for woogas every thuesday with lunch afterwards. I plan on joining them frequently. I truely believe doing these kind of exercises makes me feel more focused and refreshed. Not so sure about the spirital part of it though which I can not relate to. Also doing some secret stretchings at home helped haha. have you tried it yoga yet?

Haha the beer currancy. :D Good luck, at least one person will be happy at the end of the day.

It’s true I also feel like learning slower paced. However the quality of what we learn is far superior now imho. Yea playing games really eats up time. But I wouldn’t call it wasted since you’ve enjoyed yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure to timebox it. :P

About your demo project how about releasing demo versions no github.io? :) So you can show off even if it is not done yet. Also gives you some sort of way to share your project and get some feedback. I started to do that at my proof of concept page.

Regarding the best science universitys in Berlin, the Humbold and the TU are supposedly good, however I have no clue about their books coverage.

By the way how about a subway run challange? :D I wonder if there are spots like that in Berlin.

Have an amazing day.

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