Tiredness Level: 1/10

Dear Rubén,

Not much to report today except I slept from 1 to 8. Yesterday I joined the yoga session at lunch time and we had sushi afterwards. Ah yea and as3 + rsa is a bitch.

Well on my ‘main’ blog I’ve been working on an article about marketing and finance methods for indies like kickstarter, which is a broad topic and seems like a full time job. So I will release it when I feel more comfortable with it. Other than that I plan on writing something about procedural algorythms which you got me inspired at.

Also you don’t have to restrict yourself towards c++ either. Write about something interesting for yourself. Your blog is for yourself in the first place. ;)

How much do you know about mass? In the following video the question about where mass comes from and why it matters to know where mass comes from will be tackled.

Also relevant: Your Mass is NOT From the Higgs Boson

Have an amazing day!

Rubén’s Answer:


So you overslept?


How was your Yoga session? Does it work for you? How many did you attend to? I was looking forward to watch some youtube tutorials and even asked a friend about it. I’ll probably be taught soon! The only price to pay is a beer, so why not.

I had a quick look at your video. It seems you’re into physics. Did I ever tell you that my second career choice was a combination of the bachelors of Computer Engineering and Math? I some kind of regret not doing it. Did you ever read “A brief history of time” from Stephen Hawking? I enjoyed reading it when I was a kid.

I feel that since I finished the university, I stopped learning in such a fast pace. It’s something that’s worrying me, so I’m going to change this with just one tool: your 66days blog. I also feel that I lose more time than I should playing games, maybe I should uninstall a few of them (LoL for instance). The good news: I can really say that each day I’m more and more motivated towards learning about game programming. Especially the math/physics behind it and Unity itself as well. I’m pretty excited to be working in my personal project; even though if I never release anything, it’s always a worth investment.

Let me beg for your help in one point! Can you tell me what are the best universities in Berlin when it comes to Math/Physics/Computer engineering? I’m looking for information about Masters degrees and for some libraries with English textbooks covering those topics.

Thanks in advance and have a good day.

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