Tiredness Level: 3/10

Dear Rubén,

I slept from 23 to 5:00. How about you? How is your visitor? Does he enjoy Berlin? :D

Also I stumpled upon a quite motivating video series called actualized. It’s a series about personal self-development and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to listen to it.

“The takeaway from this video is very simple: Right now, all the stories, all the excuses, all the blaming, all the whining, all the complaining stops. It stops right fucking now; you decide to take full responsibility for your life, 100%, no more blaming of anybody or any other circumstances, but taking full creative authority over your own life, because in the end the quality of your life is only determened, by you, your thoughts and your actions.” – Leo

Have an awesome day!

Rubén’s answer:

Hi Jan,

It seems that your schedule is stabilizing. From 23h to 5h sounds really reasonable, you’re getting used to it!

He did enjoy Berlin a lot. Well, not many people wouldn’t enjoy it with the right people. The only thing he missed was going to Koma.

I really like this sort of videos. I’ll be hearing it now in the background and in the afternoon I’ll watch it carefully. Thanks for the link! It’s true that many people are complaining about the world; it’s just sometimes an excuse not to react and change the way you live. So, as you said, it’s very important to adopt an active position in this matter. No one else but you is going to change the way you live. And blaming others will not really fix anything, it’s just a slow and painful death to keep living that way.

Really great song you posted. It’s just a shame that it’s not in Spotify so I can listen to it within the app.

What about your main blog? Are you planning on writing something soon? I’m looking for topics for mine. It’s been a few weeks I don’t write!

I think we should meet soon to talk about the overall progress and results. What about Friday/Saturday, have you got time?


Things I could do due earlier waking up:

  • exercise
  • read
  • breakfast
  • watch interesting videos
  • write blog entry

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