Tiredness Level: 4/10

Dear Rubén,

Good morning :) Black Bullet finally released its osts. Only 3 months late, but hey rather late than never. So here it goes:

This is the most epic scene in the anime:

I’m glad that you’re having a good time with your visitor even though your sleeping environment has slightly changed. For these purposes I own a self-inflating bed.

And yea I’ve added a tiredness level and a list of things that I could do in those 2-3 additional hours in the morning. Although I feel like it’s a bit unprecise at this point. (Work in progress.)

As for the progress itself I went to bed at 23ish and woke up at 4:31 because I’ve tried the ‘smart rise’ feature of an android app that is based on ‘advanced sleep cycle theory’ which basically wakes you up 30 minutes before the actual time in a slowly fading kind of way. However my sleep usually isn’t that deep to the begin with and I woke up instantaneously. Oh well now I know for sure. Did you try such a thing before? Some people wake themself up multiple times each morning which is a terrible idea imho.

Which reminds me. Do you know an alarm app where you could wake yourself up with your own recording? :D I see a serious app idea here haha.

For the sbs team event we went to The Fichtebunker time capsule. It was a brick-covered gasholder to supply street lanterns between 1884 and 1937. And later it was transformed into a bunker to hold 6500 mothers and children to survive the bombings in berlin in the 2nd word war. Another interesting part is that people are actually living on top of that bunker now o.O

Other than that I feel like I need to change the order on what I do in the morning. For instance taking a shower first helps waking up. And then do some exercises before I check my e-mails and facebook. What is your current order?

Also for me it feels stretchings to be most effective to feel fresh more than doing exercises right away. What do you think?

Have an amazing day!

Ruben’s Answer:

Hey Jan,

So this time I’m definitely even more tired. Sleeping on the couch didn’t really help my back, but I’m still rocking here. I’ve managed to have a good breakfast (which always includes a warm coffee), read some pages of a spanish book that has some really good learnings about life (El Gran Juego de Carlos Martín Pérez).

It’s been written by a person who’s been in the army for more than 35 years and offers a great dose of sarcasm to explain common scenarios and solutions. It’s a shame you don’t speak Spanish!

When reading your previous blog entries a question came to my mind. How useful is to install cyanogenmod? In Apple products I do see a great advantage, as everything is pretty clearly restricted, but for Android? Can you also revert it so it looks like you never rooted it? The only scenario where I really found it useful was when trying to hack DiamondDash in order to implement safety mechanisms which, by the way, worked like a charm as some people rated us with one star complaining that they couldn’t hack it anymore. Pretty funny stuff!

I’m glad to see you enjoying anime! I’ll take your advice and start watching no game no life and tell you about it.

About the alarm clock app you mentioned, I guess you can find a niche market if you manage to avoid the issues of Android limiting your app while the phone is locked. It’d be fun to play a video of my mother shouting at me “Rubén wake up you lazy bastard, go to school”. I don’t forecast a good start of the day, though.

My current order is: chaotic. Normally I grab myself a coffee and start doing stuff in my computer right away with some music, since I take showers at night. Should I try doing exercise? Okay, I’ll try it soon and tell you how it went. Do you think it’s a great thing to do some exercise while watching some ted talks?

Have a good day!

Things I could do due earlier waking up:

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