Tiredness Level: 6/10

Dear Rubén,

Yesterday came out a new episode of Doctor Who. So let’s start with the theme song ^_^

What did you learn from ‘El Gran Juego’ so far?

About Cyanogenmod, well the ui nicer imho. However for me it’s more about rooting the device which has a lot of advantages. For instance, you’re able to install Adbblock, use a propper unix terminal, have a propper firewall and being able to delete thumbstones and several cache folders from your internal memory.

The alarm clock idea would be cool imho because I could actually tell stories to myself that I could not think of while being half asleep. For instance “Hey do you remember that guy who gave up? neither does anybody else!”. I could also motivate myself by saying “good morning sunshine, don’t you think a coffee would be a good idea now?” :D i can’t imagine how annoying that would be to hear it more than once though. But you could always record something new every evening.

Oh come to think of it do you know this video?

It got me thinking that the human mind perceives the order of the correlation between feelings and actions backwards. What do I mean by that? People usually believe that they act according to the way they feel when in fact it is the other way around. People feel according to how they act. If you listen to depressive emotional music you might end up feeling depressed. If you play couch potatoe at the weekend you might feel lazy. When however you do some exercises you feel more refreshed.

Do you know the Quote “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” by Ghandi?

So my conclusion is, that conciously changing the way think and therefore acting on it will change the way you feel eventually. Especially the way one thinks is highly underestimated.

There is also this TED Talk that tackles this topic.

Oh right totally forgot, I slept from around midnight-ish till 6am. Ah yea and watching TED Talks while exercising works for most of the time. Sometimes there are videos that require you to watch when they show something off. You could always take a small break in between for that.

Have an amazing day!

ps: The rage-one-star-rating against hacking for Diamond Dash made my day! Brilliant. :D

Ruben’s Answer:

Hello Sir!

I’ve to admit it: yesterday I took a nap (30m) in the afternoon. It was going to be either at home or in the streets. I was really tired but you know what? It really worked for me and paid off. Today, even though I slept 5 hours on the couch, I feel much better. It feels odd still, to wake up so early on Sunday. I looked through the window and the only stuff I see in the street are broken bottles of vodka and some people throwing up. I just hope they clean the streets before my father wakes up

Yesterday I went to have breakfast with my father to Westberlin but it happened to be closed until 10AM. That means thirty minutes of waiting. Sorry to say that we were so hungry that we went for the worst muffin I ever tried in my life. Its crunchiness reached the level of a stone. Let’s see if we make it today to Westberlin.

I continued working on my Unity project and refactored the tunnel creating algorithm. Now it uses a much less amount of vertices and it even generates UV coordinates, though there’s a little issue because I can’t set two UV coordinates in the first/last vertex so as to close the loop. I got it running in my nexus 7 (though it looks like shit) and I’m quite happy with the results, especially after adding height variations. Again: thank you for helping me the other day! I’m not sure what to do next; I guess I’ll give the player something to play with.

Here’s an amateur capture I uploaded:

I’ll start in some minutes studying some German. I feel like I need to improve my productivity in the morning, I guess I’ll cut some corners and leave Facebook closed (though it’s supposed to be my free time).

What about your progress? I found it pretty cool that you called me the other day to go shopping. Let’s see if the next week works out of both. How many anime episodes did you watch this week?

Did you have a chance to have a look at this Android device? What do you think about it?

It already comes with cyagenmod and wow, I’m quite impressed with its features for the price. I was thinking about getting either that one or the nexus 6 since my iPhone got its lock button broken and it really sucks that way.

Have a good Sunday.


Things I could do due earlier waking up:

  • exercise
  • read
  • watch interesting videos
  • write blog entry

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