Hey Rubén,

I Woke up at 5 after going to bed at 23ish again. Yea seems kinda stabilized for the time being. Apart from being everything dark and my eyes taking some time to get accustom to light everything is fine.

Glad I could help your friend with her moving yesterday. And thanks for showing me your progress and how you used regression models. I’ll be using this in the future for sure. :) About the game jam. How about we create an actual playable out of your game with a win and lose screen, some audio and exchange the model with a real player model. Also about the leveling system sounds quite interesting to design. How do you plan on balancing it?

I also would love to create a particel laser beam. But I have no application for it yet haha.

Another nice misconception video. This time about falling objects.

As always have an amazing day!

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