Hey Rubén,

Yesterday I’ve been tutoring a friend in programming. And in on of the past exams the prof basically requested the algorythm for a Sierpinkski Triangle. Considering the other tasks were rather basic programming this tasks kind of jumps out of bounds by a huge marging. What was the prof thinking?

How much do you know about fractals?

Oh well whatever it’s a fascinating topic therefore I implemented the triangle and the carpet while I was at it.

The other topics were rather easy and she’ll be fine I think. We’ll meet up one more time comming week just to make sure though.

How did the week go for you?

Ah right, I almost forgot, yesterday Stefan Lindauer released a new version of the CriticalMass App on the google play store where I contributed the twitter feature.

And here is another interesting video on my favorite topic: Waves vs Particles!

As always have an amazing day!

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