Tiredness Level: 6/10

Good morning everyone!

When I told Rubén about this little self-imposed challange he was intrigued and told me he wanted to join for higher success rates. So I thought it would be cool to report my progress in a form of an open letter to him. Here it goes:

Dear Rubén,

All right, waking up early wasn’t so hard after all. Getting up is a completely different story if you’ve decided it for yourself instead of getting forced to do it. How did it go for you so far? How did you use your additional time?

I managed to sleep at around 23:30ish and got up at 5am. At the first 15 minutes I thought a truck hit me. But I’m better now. I took a shower, did a few push-ups, some crunches and lifted some weights. So here’s where it gets interesting. If you had 2-3 free hours before work. What would you do?

For this morning I read a few more pages on “Ich bin Merkur” by Ava Sergeeva. A quite interesting book that hasn’t been released yet. So I truely feel honored to be part of the group who got their hands on it first. Thanks Ava! :D Also I managed to create an actual landing page on my domain, which I own for exactly 3252 days. That’s something I procrastinated for a very long time by now, haha.

I also watched a few more science videos of Veritasium, which is a youtube channel I found the other day and enjoy a lot. For instance did you know that if you bungee jump you would accalerate faster than mere free fall?

Have an awesome day!

Things I could do due earlier waking up:

  • exercise
  • read
  • breakfast
  • watch interesting videos
  • write blog entry
  • sort out e-mails

Rubén answered:

In my case I slept at nearly 1 o’clock and got up at 6. It’s been a great day so far! basically I answered all my pending e-mails, especially one that my university sent me. They did me an interview via e-mail as they want me to appear in their webpage as an “honorable student”, whatever that is supposed to mean.

I was also surprised to discover that some entries of my blog were posted in reddit, dzone and some other portals.

I also had some time to play with my rabbits and they were kind of surprised to be able to freely run so early.

In the next days I’ll be doing a more detailed plan that will also involve some physical exercise and language learning.

All looks so promising! Thank you for sharing your idea; it will work well for both of us.

Have a good day as well.

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