How to install CherryMusic on Windows 8 – an amazing simplistic but powerful music streaming server

Two of my best friends, Til and Tom, developed a music streaming server called CherryMusic (Tom’s post on Archlinux forum). It basically sets up a server that let’s you access your entire music library via your favorite browser from all your favorite devices via your favorite network.


To get started on Windows 8 (x64):

  1.  install Python
  2. download and unzip CherryMusic
  3. [Windows Key] + [R] enter

    and press ok
  4. navigate to your CherryMusic root folder
  5. start first run setup via
  6. navigate with your favorite browser to
  7. configure your own CherryMusic server for instance: set your music dictionary and your favorite server port and submit when you’re done
  8. navigate to “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\cherrymusic\cherrymusic.conf” and change

  9. and finally restart your server with

Now you can connect to your CherryMusic server with every browser on every device (which supports HTML5 anyway) by entering the ip of your server as url.

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  1. Im cant start it. Im on Windows xp. could you give a more detailed instruction?

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