iOS vs Android in Numbers Q2 2014

I often get caught up in discussions about iOS and Android. And what platform one should target as a developer. So let’s compare some numbers, shall we?

Android owns 84.7% of the global smartphone market share where iOS is at 11.7% according to International Data Corporation.

This was also nicely put by the article Android iOS Development Monetization Marketing: “The facts are pretty staggering. While all of us iOS app marketers have our heads buried in the latest App Store algorithm changes and churn and burn models, the rest of the world was buying Android phones.”

Also according to stating in the article Android overtakes iOS in usage stats for the first time ever: “The latest data from Net Applications show that smartphones and tablets powered by Android were used more than iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches powered by iOS this July. While iOS usage dipped from 45.61% in June to 44.19%, Android’s increased from 43.75% to 44.62%.”

Therefore one might conclude that a global market share difference of 73% and more app usage will equal more money on Android. However it’s a bit more complicated than that as this article claims: “Real differentiators between iOS and Android are their users”.

Where iOS not only dominates in the US and Europe but

the user spending power is quite different as well. Interestingly Business Insider stated this on on multiple occasions here, here and here.

Also the fragmentation of android devices is just ridiculous and the iOS adoption rate is by far superior.

So what does it all mean?

At the end Google Play downloads exceeded iOS App Store downloads by around 60 percent this quarter, while the iOS App Store earned about 80 percent more revenue according to App Annie Intelligence estimates. More can be read here.

As always – it depends as stated in the article Android Monetization Myths: “Actually, numbers imply that Android apps can be just as profitable when monetization is done properly and with respect to specific rules that guide customers’ behaviour on the platform. For example, direct sales and in-app purchases are clearly Apple territory at this time, but Android offers much more in terms of potential for ad-driven revenue. […] Don’t get discouraged by the urban legends about Android monetization and get reliable data before you start planning how to make money on your app.”

It’s healthy to test for yourself here are some lessons from Chris Pruett’s GDC Talk 2013 (Robot Invader) – Fact and Fiction: Lessons from Wind-up Knight and Rise of the Blobs

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  1. Hey, thanks for the info.
    So basically there’re many more Android than iOS devices, okay. But as far as I know, people are willing to pay less in Android than in iOS for apps.
    A developer should really strike the balance here. I guess that cheap apps can be easily sold in Android store, while more expensive ones are better sold in iOS.
    What’re your thoughts here?

  2. Really useful information here, thanks. I tend to lean more towards ios, but you’re right, android can be just as profitable.

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