Assuming you want to build multiple apks for multiple resolutions on android or just have faster apk upload time to your android device during development.

Considering you want to copy from /myapp/resources/ to /myapp/android/assets/ for several resolutions and you want only to click once for each resolution build.
To accomplish this i recommend using rsycn/ and cygwin.

You might have these script files in:


Where you merely send the desired resolution at to the actually copy_assets shell script. (e.g the 768x_CopyAssets.bat)

The would look like:

And in case you want to ignore files or dirs you can use IgnoreCopyAssets.txt

Or the other resolutions (e.g the 768x_IgnoreCopyAssets.txt) Note: you can use # to comment files or directories out. ;)


Easy to use scripts to copy assets and remove all unwanted ones from your assets folder plus the posibility to ignore files and dirs on demand. Enjoy :)

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