Unity: Rescaling Fonts

Hey guys, I’m doing some unity stuff. So far it’s great, however I still have some difficulties about scaling towards respective resolutions for mobile devices.

In general: I appreciate every suggestion!

So far I came across:

for scaling simple 2D textures. And a little script for rescaling fonts:

Where you add this script to a label or something and change its effective font size. So it will at least look a like amongst multiple devices. It scales all right but it doesn’t feel too reliable yet. Any suggestions?

How do you guys handle your ui sizes with unity?

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  1. My quick & dirty approach:
    this.guiText.fontSize = Screen.width/10;

    But I’v got a very basic GUI wit only 3 text labels … everything else is done with sprites.

  2. clippingpath028

    May 8, 2014 at 9:31 am

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