So I’ve been collecting chat channels in my favorite online game League of Legends. Mostly the channels are game related like finding new people to play with in arams, normals, duo-queues or even ranked teams.

Here are the ones that I could gather so far:

    • LiquidParty – Probably the channel with the highest percentage of high level player, mostly mature conversations, roots from TeamLiquid, a StarCraft community.
    • The Gentlemen’s Club – Mature community, own website, often doing arams, arabs or other games together. Everyone is welcome, have an own mumble server. (Further infos)
    • TGC Dating – Well as the name states. (thanks SToneGolemmm)
    • Anime – Well, as the title states…
    • Summoners School – A community comming from reddit, dedicated to teach about lol for everyone who is interested and willing to learn. Used to ‘train’ people in custom games. However since some time it’s a rather dead channel with many but mostly silent inhabitants. They don’t bite though.
    • PlayWithRiot – An actual channel with riot employes. Here people ask to be playing their 1000th, 2000th or 7000th game with a riot employee. Sometimes you’re lucky. ;)
    • Dominion – A channel dedicated for dominion player. As rare as they are.
    • 3v3 – A channel dedicated for Twisted Threeline.
    • TT – Another channel dedicated for Twisted Threeline. Less ‘crowded’ than 3v3 though.
    • [IFBar] – Official League of Legends chat channel for the Interface bar – an awesome gaming bar in Berlin. If you’re in Berlin and haven’t checked it out.
    • Readmore – Comming from a website , mostly german though.
    • Reddit – Probably the most known channel comming from its eponym. However the community is rather immature. So if you’re into the ‘typical’ ingame talk, join this channel.
    • /v/ – Also known as the infamous 4-chan. Probably the channel with the highest percentage of full-time trolls. Highly recommend to never join this channel – you’d regret it most likely.
    • Zealot Gaming – Multi Gaming community. (Just discovered this one and can’t write much to it at this point)
    • Bronze2gsubs – Dedicated to Trickg2g.
    • Silver2gsubs – Dedicated to Trickg2g.
    • Noob – Well, don’t even try… xD
    • platinum vs silver – like summoner school, platins teach silver players tipps and tricks (thanks FalconPuuuunch)
    • platin vs silver – my guess: created/joined by people who can’t write ‘platinum’ correctly
    • Gamefaqs – Comming from GameFAQs website.
    • Ultimate Bravery – Dedicated to the game mode Ultimate Braver.
    • metabreak– Assuming it focuses on trying out new stuff. (thanks carpinttas)
    • SIV HD – Dedicated to well known commedian SIV HD.

Do you know any others? Please post in the commends below!