In school and noticed there are bad and really amazing teachers. They are as different as day and night. At the beuth university of applied sciences I had the luck to have some really awesome teacher and I’d like to credit them at some point. Thanks for your hard work, to learn from you is probably the reason people study in the first place.

#1 Stephan Rehfeld – Computer Graphics 1 (homepage, facebook, script)

#2 Prof. PhD.-Eng. Hartmut Schirmacher – Computer Graphics 2 (homepage, script)

#3 Siamak Haschemi – Advanced Concepts in Programming- and Program Architecture (homepage, blog, twitter, youtube, github)

#4 Prof. PhD. Martin Oellrich – Math 1 and 2 (homepage, script)

#5 Prof. PhD.-Eng. Joachim Schimkat – Programming 1 and 2 (homepage)

#6 John Gordon – Presenting in English

#7 Dipl.-Inform. Thomas Ziemer – Software Engineering 2 (homepage)

#8 Dipl.-Inform. Ilse-Renate Schmiedecke – Human Computer Interaction (homepage, script)

#9 PhD. Sabine Vollmert-Spiesky – Comunication and interaction at profession (homepage)

#10 Prof. PhD.-Eng. G. Awad – Distributed Networks (homepage)