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Presentation: Consistency: FPS vs Ping

(work in progress)

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Drag’n Slay Bachelor Thesis

Well, I didn’t finish the game yet. I still have tons of work to do with the node.js server and the input controls – while working – are kinda unpleasant.

Drag'n Slay - Bachelorarbeit

However! And here comes the shiny part is the 100 page long bachelor thesis about it: It’s in german, so don’t freak out. For everyone who is curious, here it is:

Download PDF

First level.

Hey folks, we’ve been done some more work on the project and this is how it looks like now:

Samsung Galaxy S2 ScreenshotSamsung Galaxy S2 Screenshot

It supports two player so far where you can drag lines from one island to another and send your planes to conquer everything that doesn’t belong to you yet. At first we tried to make the islands a bit more realistic but it turns out it looks pretty shady on smaller screens so we decided to put more color into it. Which looks quite nice so far.

Funny what some image effects can add on quality:

Unity3D ScreenshotUnity3D Screenshot

tbc :)



First mighty draft of the new Banner

They are coming closer!
are you ready?

Moving towards the first playable

First moving units around their bases

First moving planes around islands. Stay tuned. :)

First basic unit!

First mighty draft of the new Banner

First draft of the Drag´n Slay basic unit.

With its less weight of 200 vertices  its flying above the candycotton sky!

Banner Draft

First mighty draft of the new Banner

First mighty draft of the new Drag’n Slay Banner! Of course, a banner has remained indispensable for a new brand!