Easy Movie Texture For Android Version: 2.18

Whoever uses the Easy Movie Texture For Android (Video Texture) version 2.18 and also uses split apks (obbs) in unity might run into problems with the streaming asset sub-folders. It’s a great plugin to handle rendered textures on mobile devices.

However the plugin fails to create sub-directories while copying videos out of the obbs into their respective sub-folders. Which can fixed by adding

in the MediaPlayerCtrl.CopyStreamingAssetVideoAndLoad.

So it looks like this:

Also in order to have a e.g. complete callback, simply add a

in the same class and call them at the respective m_CurrentState checks:

I’ve already e-mailed the fix to Lee JaeYun and it will be fixed in a later version presumably, until then use the fix and enjoy.

Sincere thoughts

It’s one of those yawning evenings, when the head starts to force its way back, questioning previous life decisions. Wondering about ‘what if’s. “I’ll be following you still, oh my dear head”, whispered the heart, “even though we both know certain events had other opportunities, too”.

Full of blind self-confidence the head keeps throwing well thought through words, sentences and phrases towards its fellow warm friend below. Trying to convince the heart that every decision made by the head, turned out as it should have been. With a mere look, full of genuine warmth and truth, the words turned into meaningless and empty letters so the head started to see what the heart seemed to be worried about.

With opened mind: ‘There must be another way!’ the head thought…

Android Re-Signing Apks

In case you want to re-sign your apk with a different keystore one day you might be delighted to hear that there is a convenient shell script for this already.

It basically removes the java manifest meta file, then runs zip align and the apk signing tool of the android sdk. It naturally requires the apk, the keystore with its alias and password.

Here is the script:

In order to run it, add execution permission in the terminal:

Then simply run the script by adding the parameters.

Have fun.

Day 12

Hey Rubén,

I Woke up at 5 after going to bed at 23ish again. Yea seems kinda stabilized for the time being. Apart from being everything dark and my eyes taking some time to get accustom to light everything is fine.

Glad I could help your friend with her moving yesterday. And thanks for showing me your progress and how you used regression models. I’ll be using this in the future for sure. :) About the game jam. How about we create an actual playable out of your game with a win and lose screen, some audio and exchange the model with a real player model. Also about the leveling system sounds quite interesting to design. How do you plan on balancing it?

I also would love to create a particel laser beam. But I have no application for it yet haha.

Another nice misconception video. This time about falling objects.

As always have an amazing day!

Day 11

Hey Rubén,

Yesterday I’ve been tutoring a friend in programming. And in on of the past exams the prof basically requested the algorythm for a Sierpinkski Triangle. Considering the other tasks were rather basic programming this tasks kind of jumps out of bounds by a huge marging. What was the prof thinking?

How much do you know about fractals?

Oh well whatever it’s a fascinating topic therefore I implemented the triangle and the carpet while I was at it.

The other topics were rather easy and she’ll be fine I think. We’ll meet up one more time comming week just to make sure though.

How did the week go for you?

Ah right, I almost forgot, yesterday Stefan Lindauer released a new version of the CriticalMass App on the google play store where I contributed the twitter feature.

And here is another interesting video on my favorite topic: Waves vs Particles!

As always have an amazing day!